Assam Gets Hit By Massive Earthquake Of 6.4 Magnitude, Visuals Of Destruction Flood Twitter

This morning, at 7.51 AM, Assam was hit by a massive earthquake and the epicentre was in the state’s Sonitpur district. According to Hindustan Times, the earthquake appeared to be of magnitude 6.4 on the Richter scale.

According to News18, no casualties or injuries have been reported, yet. However, the earthquake has caused severe damage to several buildings across the state. The tremors were felt in Guwahati and it damaged the lavish Taj Vivanta’s false ceilings. Strong tremors were also felt in North Bengal and other parts of the North-East, forcing people to run out of their homes, reports NDTV.

People from Assam have been sharing horrifying visuals of the destruction caused by the earthquake. They capture broken ceilings, roads, cracked pillars, walls and much more. Have a look:

Praying for the people of Assam!

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