“Society Can’t Restrain A Woman With Ghoonghat,” Says Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot

The European Institute for gender equality defines women empowerment as the “process by which women gain power and control over their own lives and acquire the ability to make strategic choices.” And Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot believes that the practice of wearing a ghoonghat can restrict a woman from achieving it.

According to The Times of India, on November 5, the CM attended the 20th-anniversary celebrations of an NGO called Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan in Jaipur and elaborated on the matter.

The Indian Express quoted him saying,

“There still is ghoonghat in villages. What right does a society have to restrict a woman in a ghoonghat. Women can’t progress as long as there is ghoonghat. The days of ghoongat are over. You have to proceed with courage and confidence; you will find the government standing with you.”

He further added,

“You can’t restrain a woman with ghoonghat. When they are addressed as Durga and Devi, then they should have participation in nation-building. I would like to tell you that the times have changed.”

Hindustan Times reports that the CM also spoke against the practice of child marriage, the appointment of a senior police officer to oversee cases of crimes against women at the district level and the government’s initiative of providing self-defense training to school girls. At the event, he also released an inspirational book about single women.

Here is what Twitter had to say about his statements at the event.

We sincerely hope that the state government’s efforts to bring down cases of child marriages and crimes against women bear fruit so that girls can complete their education and women feel safe inside as well as outside their homes.

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