Artist Captures Romantic Moments With Wife In Comics And Now I Wanna Move In With My Boo!

Romance is different things for everyone. But for me, it’s always been in the littlest everyday things.

Pascal Campion is a French-American artist based in Burbank, California creates heartwarming and soulful illustrations about everyday life. His inspiration is Katrina whom he married 10 years back.

From watching the autumn leaves fall to silently reading he has captured the tiniest moments all couples share and it’s making us fall even more in love.

1. Morning balcony cuddles!

2. Both of us having work doesn’t stop us from spending time together.

3. Some competitive video game time is always the stress buster you need.

4. Some naughty sexy time after a dinner date is much needed!

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5. Or randomly breaking into impromptu pillow fights.

6. “You’ve been gone to the office for too long, come back na.”

7. Midnight sleepless nights lead to stargazing and pondering over life on the terrace.

8. Every mission can be completed together, even if it is to tame unmanageable hair.

9. A tiny twirl between household chores makes them a lot less boring.

10. Just enjoying some relaxing time together silently.

12. “I’m holding you babe, you won’t fall off…. I’ll always hold on to you.”

13. Can’t sleep because she’s snoring happily.

Jet lag #pascalcampion

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14. But finally falling off to sleep with that sound, because she’s next to you.

Jet lag part 2 #pascalcampion

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15. Worrying about her when she’s not around.

16. Convincing him for warm cuddles in the winter for just a while longer.

17. Celebrating her on every special day. Mother’s day for cat mommys counts okay.

18. Morning coffee together to get the strength to be a #BossCouple for the rest of the day.

19. Celebrating every meeting after being away from each other.

20. Flirting with each other never dies.

21. Lazy days at home in nightsuits are the best kind of days.

22. From growing old on the same bench, enjoying the leaves fall together…

23. To making the most of the youth and pampering the one who makes your life perfect.

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24. “Shhhhh, I’m really in the mood!”

25. Sharing earphones under the dripping moonlight because sleep is for the weak.

Long summer nights. #pascalcampion

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26. Giggling, laughing and walking into every adventure life throws at you— together.

27. “C’mon leave me cutie, I forgot to water the plants yesterday too.”

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28. Celebrating with champagne in disposable glasses because everything else needs to be washed.

Truth or dare? #pascalcampion

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29. When you’re at work and life just gets too hard…

30. But that’s okay, nothing that wine, chocolate ice cream and tissues can’t solve.

31. Feeding her with love and affection on the days she just can’t do life.

32. She’s always your most beautiful muse.

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33. When you’re trying very hard to work, but she walks out of the shower.

34. Falling asleep on the couch while watching TV.

35. “Urghhh… This alarm…”

A few more minutes.. #pascalcampion

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36. That physical touch and all the worries fade away.

37. Giving her a little tea break in the middle of her hectic work.

38. When just resting your head on her lap makes you forget the rest of the world.

39. Hugs and kisses between household chores makes even the most boring things fun!

40. Forever? Forever.

Midnight. #pascalcampion. 2015 -Please… -Yes? -Don’t let me go -Never.

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I don’t know about you but I truly believe that romance is still alive in the smallest things. It’s alive in a tiny morning peck on the cheeks, it’s alive in enveloping hugs and it’s even alive in silent conversations.

And now running to my boyfriend okay? KayThanksBye.