Here’s How Apple Emojis Have Changed Since The First Time They Were Released 10 Years Ago

What would we do without emojis? Over the years, these little yellow faces have evolved into a whole pictographic language that’s so relevant to our times. I’ve had entire conversations with people using a combination of emojis, punctuations, memes and gifs! They aren’t just a part of our phone’s keyboard, but an indispensible part of our daily communication.

How many of us remember the very first emojis to appear on our phones though?

Exactly a decade ago, on November 21, 2008, Apple had released its very first emoji font and keyboard On its iPhone OS 2.2. To commemorate their 10-year-anniversary, Emojipedia decided to take Twitter on a walk down emoji memory lane!

Emojipedia’s official Twitter account showcased how the emojis had changed during these ten years since they first released.

In fact, they even made a 2008 v/s 2018 comparison thread of several of the emojis that underwent major changes and look different now!

It’s a nice refresher of emoji history and perfect flashback to the first time we began getting addicted to talking in emoticons!

From the different faces emojis to the dancing girl, from the hammer to the backpack, from the computer to the bank, loads of emojis have undergone changes.

Like this one, where the characters have proper facial features instrad of just blank faces…

Well, looks like we’ve come a long way since 2008! And definitely for the better!