Women Share The Most Annoying Things They Hear Because Of Their Gender

If you want to tell someone you’re a woman without actually saying it, you could probably tell them all the things women are told because of their gender. For instance, when are you going to give us some good news or being called ‘dear’ by complete strangers. You could also recount the shock people express when you tell them you’re into football, video games, or cryptocurrency.

Women on Reddit recently listed out all such irritating lines they hear and why they’re absolutely not alright. Take a look.

1. Are you on your period?

2.You’ll change your mind about not having kids

3.Why don’t you smile more?

4. Dating is easier for women

5. Comments on makeup

6. Comments on clothes

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7. Boys will be boys

8. Comparisons to “other girls”

9. Act like a lady

10. Take a chill pill

What would you like to add to this list? Tell us.

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