Big B Was Embarrassed By Akashay’s Sweet Gesture Of Touching His Feet And Had Cutest Reply

Goa was quite a happening place to be at this past week and people could see stars there in broad daylight. All thanks to the 48th International Film Festival of India! Big-wigs of the Indian film industry and eminent names from all walks of life attended the festival and the closing ceremony on Monday was the one all were raving about.

At the ceremony, the Shehenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan was bestowed with International Personality of the Year honour and we totally see why!

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He tweeted,

“A most humbling evening at the IFFI awards .. honoured and filled with such gratefulness to IFFI and the extremely endearing words by Akshay Kumar, Karan, and the dignitaries .. मेरा आभार , स्नेह”

Have you not seen the passion and zeal the Bollywood mega-star has still at 75. The whole world is his fan, undoubtedly!

We can go on and on about it! And, for Big B, everyone had strings of praises. While Sidharth Malhotra paid a performance tribute to the star,

His on-screen beta Akshay couldn’t stop himself from calling him the “father of the Indian film industry”.

“America has Batman, Spider-Man, Superman…but India and my superhero is our very own Angry Young Man, @SrBachchan Sir, rightly the Indian Personality of the Year ! #IFFI2017”

He asked Big B’s permission to touch his feet. And, he did.

But it’s known fact that Big B feels a bit embarrassed when he’s put in such situations. A user tweeted to Sr Bachchan the picture of the Charan Sparsh at IFFI,

He retweeted it saying,

Netizens had a lot of feels.

1. They pointed how it is our parampara.

2. They called Akshay’s gesture really sweet.

3. That’s true!

4. And, some showered more love.

Big B and Akshay have worked in various films where he played his on-screen father. The whole industry respects Big B a lot and still after so many years, Big B’s humility and embarrassment upon being complimented is unmissable.