“Want To Run Away & Hide” Amitabh Bachchan Writes Of His Anxiety, Madhavan Responds

Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has always been very vocal about his early-day struggles and mental health on social media as well as his blog posts.

Recently on his social media handles, the veteran actor shared a couple of pictures of himself arriving and working. He wrote the story behind his feelings at the time in the caption. Check it out:

Actor R Madhavan, who has previously worked with Big B in the film ‘Teen Patti”, left an interesting comment on his post:

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On his blog, Amitabh opened up about battling anxiety as an actor, especially at the beginning of a new project. He wrote, “Starting of new ventures is a nightmare and the apprehensions and fear of nothing going right plays havoc. So it’s a tremulous night and the writing of the blog is handicapped… nothing but the script lying beside attracts attention, and the mind looks like it shall have another sleepless night.”

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He continued, “It’s the time one wants to run away from it all and just hide in some oblivion and never appear again. But such is the profession and such the demands. So one adheres to the conduct needed and in code of the contract, stumbles along irrespective. The pictures may not give away the anxiety but it prevalent.”

He added, “The arrival to set up the shots and do the blocking as they call it .. all this modern-day terminology, is so alien. Well when you are in your 79th and the 52nd year in the business, it shows not in its comfort but in its discomfort.”

He concluded, “I retire ..… and long may the impotency of content live .. 😃.”

You can read the blog here. We hope that the senior actor continues to be at his candid best!

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