Amitabh Reminisces Of His Life In Allahabad When He Couldn’t Afford Traveling In Rickshaw

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is not only quite active on social media but also shares numerous updates on his Tumblr blog named ‘Bachchan Bol’ as well. From sharing career “anxieties” and mental health issues to recalling the London trip that led to his marriage 47 years ago, he has poured his heart out in these blog posts.

In his latest blog post, the veteran actor remembered his early days in Allahabad. He recalled travelling in the general section of trains which used to be jam-packed with passengers.  He also mentioned how getting a rickshaw or a ‘tanga’ was beyond his financial means. Consequently, he used to shoulder his luggage on foot in order to reach his relative’s home.

He wrote, “I reminisce those early Allahabad days when on occasion I used to visit my relatives in Banda, UP by train and the travel in the 3rd class pushing myself in through the windows because the doors were jammed with passengers .. and finding that elusive seat and upon which used be seated two others on your lap with their luggage .. and traveling an entire night so till the stationed destination .. getting off in time and shouldering all the personal luggage on the head and back, walking to the home of our relative who stayed a mile or two away from the station .. there being no transport .. the transport of the ricksha or the tanga being beyond our financial means ..”

He continued, “I have many stops on the rail tracks I possess within .. stop get off the trail .. spend some time with me .. have the ‘kulhad ki chai’ .. pick up the magazine or the newspaper .. look about .. watch in amazement those that join the attached bogies .. give a helping hand to those that have excess baggage and need to be pushed into the crowded compartments .. hera that steam engined warmed whosh and the whistle of the guard at the end carriage waving his green flag .. get back to your birth .. stand by the open door and watch the station pass by .. to the next and the next lot of the Ef passengers wishing and wanting accommodation in the compartments.”

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“BUT it was happy times .. the strain and the pain of the journey were dissolved in the company of them that welcomed you with joy and happiness in abundance, .. be in a smile .. be in contentment .. be .. just BE,” he concluded.

You can read the entire blog post here.

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