Alia Bhatt Is The Bridesmaid Of Your Dreams At Her BFF’s Wedding And Pics Are Proof.

There’s no occasion more exciting and anticipated in a friend’s life than their BFF’s wedding. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, chances are you consider Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani as the ultimate BFF wedding guide and are already practicing crying to Kabira! But here I am, fresh off a weekend of stalking a wedding, to give you your new bridesmaid goals. And it’s none other than Badri’s dulhania, Alia Bhatt!

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Alia Bhatt seems to do splendidly at weddings. Remember her teaching the groom a lesson in 2 States? Or playing the ‘woke’ bridesmaid who could rock the dance floor in Badrinath Ki Dulhania? Well, she’s gone and played best bridesmaid yet again, but for real this time!

A member of Alia Bhatt’s girl gang, Kripa Mehta, got hitched over the weekend in Jodhpur and it was a three-day long party! And Alia Bhatt, decked up in gorgeous traditional attire, was every bit the perfect bridesmaid to her BFF!

it’s almost time 💍 #themehtawedding

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But don’t just take my word for it. I’ve scoured the Internet far and wide to present to you enough proofs for my proposition, in the form of these beautiful wedding photos!

So here goes my ’15 Reasons Why Alia Bhatt is the Bridesmaid of your Dreams’ proposal!

1. Bridesmaid Duty #1 has got to be making sure you’ve taken enough cute selfies with the bride to remember her special day by!

2. Alia’s bright yellow outfit promises to add a burst of beautiful colour to all the pictures!

3. Them bridesmaids gotta stick together!


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4. Do you see the BFF love here? Do ya?

5. A good bridesmaid is always ready for the cameras with her kala chashma!

6. Another bridesmaid duty? Plenty of candid shots of the bride in all her wedding finery and with you by her side!

7. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Bridal Squad!

8. She may have the shades on, but you can clearly see the love this bridesmaid has for her BFF bride!

9. The perfect bridesmaid must have her every outfit on point. And Alia gets a 10/10 for that!

10. This bridesmaid knows her social media responsibilities too! A post for every function is a must!

& the best is yet to come 🙌

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11. If it’s your BFF’s wedding, it is your right as a bridesmaid to hijack the photographer for a few shots of you and the other bridesmaids!

12. Looks like she’s about to make a toast, no?

13. If you haven’t put forth your best moves on sangeet night, then are you even doing the bridesmaid thing right? Well, Alia’s got it all covered as she dances on Hawa Hawa!

14. And of course, you gotta stand by your BFF, the bride, as she takes the stage to shake a leg!

15. And when your BFF is up there, looking the most beautiful that she’s ever looked, professing her love for her man with a soulful song, you being the perfectly supportive bridesmaid, shed a silent tear watching her!

See, what did I tell you about Alia being the bridesmaid of your dreams? Ladies, make sure you’ve got someone like this by your side on your special day!