“My Job Is More Dangerous Than Any Other Job”: Akshay Kumar Speaks Of Shooting Amid Covid

In the past, several celebs have spoken about shooting during coronavirus pandemic. This time it’s Akshay Kumar who discusses the manner in which Bollywood has changed to adapt to pandemic restrictions.

He says, “There is nothing called star power. Today, the power is in the script. Filmmakers have a lot of options of actors. If I will say no, there is someone else is ready. Today, if you try to approach a character actor who is popular among the audience, he doesn’t have dates.”

However, News18 reports him confessing to juggling approximately 10 projects at various stages. “I am not an actor who takes a couple of months to get into the character. I start a film, finish it and move on to my next project.I work eight hours a day. I take maximum holidays in film industry and manage to do three-four films a year and release it. If your work becomes your passion, you get the energy automatically.

Speaking of Lara Dutta being cast as Indira Gandhi in ‘Bell Bottom’, Akshay says, “I’ve known Lara for quite some time and I thought she has that perfect poise in her which made me feel she can carry this off. At first when I called her, she thought I was playing a prank but I really wanted her to play this role.” 

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Addressing questions on why a senior actor wasn’t cast for Lara’s role, he says, “It’s just a character. I remember Amitabh Bachchan and Rakhee playing husband and wife in Bemishal. A few years later, Rakhiji played his mother in Shakti. Both the films did quite well.”

Kumar then spoke of shooting for multiple films during the pandemic. “My job is even more dangerous than any other job. I can’t shoot with my mask on in front of 10 people who are all delivering dialogues. Nobody is allowed to wear a mask – Woh mere pe thook raha hai aur main uspe (They are spitting on me and I am on them) (laughs). So we have to work. From spot boy to everyone else is wearing a mask. It is a dangerous thing but we have to do it.

He explains that they cannot shut down completely. “I admit this is not without fear. For one and a half years, I was very lucky to survive and then I got COVID-19. See, it is easy for me to sit home – I have that money so I can just do that. But, what about the workers? They are also in need of work. We were lucky that none in the cast and crew, during the entire shoot was detected positive,” he signs off.

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