Air India To Change Uniform, Saree To Be Replaced By Churidar Designed By Manish Malhotra

Air India was founded by Tata Airlines in 1932. In the beginning, the uniform for female flight attendants resembled those of nurses – white dresses and hats. When India gained its independence in 1947, the uniform changed to sarees in Air India’s signature colours red and golden. This was designed to symbolise India’s culture and traditions.

Over the years, the patterns and style of the saree and the blouse have changed to keep up with the times but the uniform has intrinsically remained the same. It is still a saree. However, this is about to change.

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According to Moneycontrol, Air India might be changing the uniform for the female cabin crew. The new wardrobe will include churidars for females and suits for the male attendants. It is to be designed by ace designer Manish Malhotra. They will be in the shades of deep red, aubergine and gold.

Manish Malhotra has declined to comment on the new Air India uniform because he has allegedly signed a non-disclosure agreement.

“Churidars will be one of the options for women and the male crew members will wear suits. The sarees will take a back seat. When I say this, I mean that they may be entirely taken away from the set of uniforms,” an undisclosed official revealed.

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Another official said, “Various options were given to the airline, which included ready to wear sarees that look like saree but are not draped like the traditional ones. However, they have not been finalised by the management.”

So excited to see the new uniform!

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