Bhojpuri Actor Kidnapped His Own 2-Year-Old Son From Ex-Wife. And, His Girlfriend Helped.

Parents go to great lengths to spend as much time as they can with their children, but marriages can be complicated and when spouses are no longer together, a child can jeopardise things even further. But is committing a crime to be with your child justified?

This is exactly the question we asked ourselves when we came across the incident of a man kidnapping his own son from his estranged wife to be with him.

Mohammad Shahid, a Bhojpuri actor, kidnapped his two-year-old son from his first wife, Muskaan, in Delhi because the court had granted the custody of the child to the wife.

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Romil Baaniya, Deputy Commissioner Of Police told Hindustan Times

“Shahid wanted to keep his son with him. But as Muskaan was not ready to give her son’s custody to Shahid, he and Kashish kidnapped the boy and kept him with them in their West Vinod Nagar home.”

The boy was kidnapped by his father in a busy market from south Delhi’s Batla House and was kept with the father’s live-in partner Kashish.


The child was kept in Shahid’s house in West Vinod Nagar for two-and-a-half months after he went missing when his mother took him Eid shopping, where Shahid was also present. A missing complaint was filed by the mother on June 26.

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During investigations, Shahid had tried to insinuate the involvement of his live-in partner Kashish to divert the probe from himself and misled them by making them search for Kashish in Delhi and Bareilly.

When the police suspected Shahid’s role in the kidnapping, he went underground. His live-in partner had been keeping the boy hidden at different places after he was handed over to her.

In such a situation, when a parent tries to bypass the law and directly commit a crime to be with their child, it is difficult to judge their intentions and believe that it stemmed from love.