People Online Share Controversial Opinions On Academia & They All Make Sense

Anybody who has passed out of the Indian educational system knows the various stereotypes attached to it and would agree with most of them. For example, our system often places high importance on marks, leading to a culture of memorization for exams. Students may prioritize memorizing facts to score well, sometimes at the expense of a deeper understanding of the subject.

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Now this take can be regarded as controversial. However, people online have been sharing similar controversial opinions regarding academia. The conversation started when a user on X (formerly Twitter) @ShegunTweets posted this:

This led to several people sharing their controversial takes on academia. While some said that you can actually pass an exam by studying the night before, others opined that your academic achievements will start to matter less and less after you’ve secured your first job. While there were some who said that one doesn’t need JEE coaching 2-3 years prior to the actual exam, others claimed that Humanities is as difficult as Science.

Have a look at some of the responses here:

Do you have a controversial take on academia? Share with us!

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