Twitter Shares Kitchen Failures To Cheer Up 9-YO After Her Baking Attempt Went Wrong


Everybody makes mistakes. But sometimes, our failures cripple us with fear and prevent us from getting over it and trying once more. The same happened with a tiny chef, reveals her mom.

Twitter user Shannon Hale recently shared that her 9-year-old daughter tried to bake something new and it went horribly wrong. The kid started crying because she believed that she wouldn’t be able to be a baker anymore. To cheer her up, Shannon asked everyone to talk about their own kitchen disasters.

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And the people of the internet obliged. Everyone from amateur bakers to professional cookbook writers came forward to reveal the numerous mistakes they made in the kitchen. From setting the oven on fire to using salt instead of sugar, they said there was learning in each one.

Some Twitter users were brave enough to post photos of the baking failures. Take a look.

We hope all of the responses help restore the little girl’s confidence and she delights everyone with her cakes, cookies, and pies. All the very best!

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