This 9-Year-Old Girl In Bhopal Is Running A Library For Underprivileged Kids. Awesome!

When I was 9 years old, all I used to do was watch Cartoon Network. And today’s kids are going places.

Meet Muskaan Ahirwar, who hails from Bhopal. She is the youngest librarian as she transformed her mud-paved house in Durganagar slum of Bhopal into a library.

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The Class 3 student runs a library called ‘Bal Pustakalaya’.

The books have been provided to her by Rajya Shiksha Kendra, Madhya Pradesh. After coming from school, she sets the library for slum children outside her house. What’s more praiseworthy is that slum children eagerly wait for her to open the library.


All of this started in January when a committee of State Education Board visited this slum area on New  Year’s eve.

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To know the status of education in the area, the committee held a question-answer round, in which Muskaan won. Feeling proud, the committee decided to shoulder the responsibility of education to Muskaan.

Here’s what Muskaan has to say:

Currently, officials have provided 119 books to the library, which is my responsibility and I love doing this. Other children in the slum area, take books and then return other day. Some stay back to read here with me and ask questions where they don’t understand.


Muskaan has done full justice to the responsibility given to her. Most of the slum children have already finished reading all the books there.

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Palak Singh, a Class 3 student told that she has learnt so much about freedom fighters and great Indian kings.

Muskaan is often assisted by her elder sister, Neha. Her father is a carpenter and mother, housewife. Thier parents are really proud of their daughters as they see them as a game changer of the society deprived of education.

That’s really great!

Kudos to Muskaan for such a praiseworthy initiative.

News Source: The Times Of India

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