8 Guys At A Bachelor Party Found 8 Dogs In The Woods, And Adopted ALL OF THEM!

When life gives you lemons…we’ve all heard this saying right?

But what do you do when life gives you puppies instead? That’s exactly what happened with a few men having a Bachelor party in a shed where they happened to chance upon the best gift nature could ever give them.

According to Love Meow, Mitchel Craddock and his friends were celebrating his bachelor party at a Tennessee cabin in the woods when a stray dog showed up at the front door. The smell of the food must’ve attracted it to their gathering. The dog was malnourished and lead them to her seven pups waiting on her, presumably for food.

Isn’t this a beautiful family scene?


This dog, they named her Annie, stumbled upon their Bachelor Party, looking for food.


She led them to her pups hidden in a hole in the ground.


They couldn’t see them like this and washed the puppies, and the guys put their beer fund towards dog food.



8 guys + 8 dogs = Perfection!


The pups are : Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn, and Rose.


The loving pup dads are extremely happy!


The mama dog can see her kids everyday as they all live in a five mile radius!


Isn’t that absolutely wonderful?

Humanity is still alive. 😀

H/T : Bored Panda

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