73 Year-Old Chinese Pole Dancer Is An Inspiration To A Generation Of Lazy Bums Like Us

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People often see their retirement, as the end of the world. Some despair at the culmination of a work routine they’ve sworn by for decades, while others may feel strangely empty. Life as you know it certainly changes at 60. But with a bit of spirit and oodles of passion, you can embark upon your most exciting quest yet! 73-year-old Dai Dali did precisely this.

It was at the ripe age of 65, that the China resident found her love for pole dancing! Soon after Dai quit her job at a bookstore in 2005, she was looking for ways to ward off boredom. That is when she discovered pole dancing!

Without further ado, take a look at the remarkably flexible Dali’s antics on the pole.

Dai first walked into a pole dancing classroom when she was 65. It was then that she instantly fell in love, reports Chinadaily. It is evident that bruises and pain have been a part of the journey. But, they haven’t stopped this gutsy lady from pursuing the dance form.

“I like the feeling of spinning in the air. It’s fantastic,” shares Dai.

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Awards and accolades soon followed, leading to Dali being featured by local as well as international media. Dali’s zeal for the dance form knows no bounds. In fact, she also auditioned for Asia’s Got Talent.

We wish her many more years of health and happiness so she continues to do what she loves inspiring people across the world!

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