In A Bid To Oppose Valentine’s Day, 2 Dogs Married Off In Coimbatore, Twitter Reacts


Valentine’s Day, the day that celebrates love is often looked upon as ‘vicious westernization’ of Indian culture. Many believe that the impact of the West on Indian youth is gradually ruining the Indian culture and tradition.

So, apparently, in order to safeguard the cultural Indianness in the country, every year, on Valentine’s Day, certain groups come with several innovative ways to stop couples from celebrating love.

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News of such groups marrying off couples caught together in a park often come to light in different parts of the country during Valentine’s week. In a similar kind of protest, a group of 10 people from Bharat Sena married off two dogs to condemn Valentine’s Day.

Well, you read that right, maybe they wanted to send a message that people who celebrate Valentine’s Day are ‘dogs’. Sheesh!

News 18 reports that the incident took place in Coimbatore. People reportedly gathered holding orange flags, and married off a domesticated male German Shepherd dog to a Pomeranian female dog, with ‘Varmalas’ around their necks. A member of the group also posed as a priest performing the wedding rituals.


The video of the entire scene was shared by a Twitter user.

Reactions poured in and people couldn’t stop trolling the group for their insane act. Have a look:


We sincerely hope people understand making frogs and dogs marry each other for whatever reason won’t make a difference anywhere, anytime. Phewwww!

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