While You Keep Swiping Left, Frogs Varun & Varsha Just Married To Appease Rain Gods In Karnataka!

While you keep swiping right on dating apps to find the perfect match, people in Karnataka married off two frogs to please the rain God! The groom frog Varun took (croaked) vows of togetherness with frog Varsha in a big fat wedding in Udupi.

The traditional ceremony which the locals perform to please the rain God is called Mandooka Parinaya. Udupi Nagarika Vedike or Udupi Citizen Forum (UCF) performed the wedding rituals on Saturday with a hope to get rid of the water crisis and bring rains in the state!

“The wedding of male frog “Varun” from Kalsanka and female frog namely “Varsha” from Keelinje near Kolagiri was performed as per the Hindu tradition,” the members of UCF said, reports News 18. A male and female frog from different villages were roped in for the ceremony. They also wore custom made outfits for their D-day! The wedding ceremony had several hundreds of guests in attendance.

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We wonder what dishes they would have served at the wedding feast! Cricket Kalakand or Grilled Grasshopper?

And by the time you are reading this story, the newly-married frog couple might be probably enjoying their honeymoon at Mannapalla, near Manipal. Exciting, isn’t it?

The news of their unusual wedding has already taken the internet by storm. Here’s how desi Twitter is congratulating the couple:




We hope they live happily ever after! Also, we hope the Udupi locals soon get to sing “Sawan Aaya Hai”! (Eyeroll)

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