18 Signs You Have Been With Someone For Too Long

You are a couple that has been together since the evolution of mankind. People have often wondered how you can stay in this never ending relationship and still hang on to your sanity. Well to put it simply you have mastered the art of everyday mundane life by spicing it up a little with each other.

Here is a list of eighteen signs that you would agree to even in your sleep.

1. You can wake up looking like this


And not care.


2. You can talk with that much foam in your mouth


And guess what, still not care.


3. You can be together for hours and not feel obliged to talk


There are no uncomfortable silences here.


4. You can cry while watching a film without having to think ‘what is he going to think?’



5. And when she cries, you no longer get uncomfortable and confused


You know she will be fine in fifteen.


6. The special days are restricted to just two


Each others respective birthdays. You no longer have to remember inane anniversaries.


7. Talking of birthdays, gifts are practical and more often than not bought with each others consent



8. You haven’t heard the sentence ‘Meet my girlfriend/boyfriend’ in months


Mostly because everyone knows that you are seeing each other. Yes everyone.


9. Couples who indulge in PDA now come across as extremely annoying


Why can’t they just get a room?


10. All the invites you get have the plus one option


Just to reiterate that everyone knows you are a couple.


11. You no longer get mad about “why haven’t you replied to my message” or “I am going out with friends”


Because you understand that they can get busy and because you know that people can have a LIFE outside you.


12. You don’t stalk him over Facebook any longer


It’s not like you don’t check his profile. It’s just that the STALKING has stopped.


13. A lot of your Facebook pictures are with the concerned person


And sometimes you get confused if it’s their profile or yours.


14. You know each other’s credit card number and password. You also have a spare key to their house


More for practical reasons than anything else.


15. You know some really weird habit of the person and it no longer surprises you


In fact now it doesn’t even qualify as weird.


16. You know all their exciting stories that they often brag about


And you can repeat it verbatim.


17. You can look at their faces and know that something is wrong


You know the upset face all too well by now.


18. You also know how to cheer them up and get them all happy again


And nothing makes you happier. It’s probably why it’s lasted this long in the first place. And that is special.

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