15 Signs That Reveal You Grew Up In A Hill Station

You can take a kid out of a hill station, but you can’t take the hill station out of a kid. Here are 15 tell-tale signs that you grew up in a hill station.

1. You hate the plains coz of the weather


Nothing irritates you more about the plains than the weather. Especially, these days, you can’t help but go, “Dude! My town is like centrally air conditioned!”


2. You’re used to clean places; you hate the filth elsewhere


Most Indian hill stations are also the cleanest towns in India. You simply don’t have mounds of garbage rotting by the wayside.


3. There is no dearth of amazing picnic spots


..and they were never more than half an hour away.


4. You can perfectly relate to Ruskin Bond and Enid Blyton novels


You feel like one of the ‘Famous Five’ ūüôā


5. Trekking comes naturally to you


“Oh, you went for a trek?” That’s cute. I did that every weekend with my father when I was a kid!


6. Your school is one of the finest schools in the country


..and you are insanely proud of it.


7. You had two months long winter vacation!


..which means visiting your cousins who stayed on the plains and have all the fun with their toys while they go to school.


8. Almost everyone in the town knew each other


..so you considered going out on a date without running into a relative, an achievement.


9. But, your town had plenty of ‘hidden places’

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..nooks, crannies, ridges and “Lover’s Points” made up for that.


10. You think your town has the best bakeries in the world

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..with the yummiest cakes and cookies, and that no other big city cake shop, however fancy, can beat them.


11. But, you survived your teenage years on momos

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..coz nothing complements the weather better.


12. You always think you speak better English than your friends from the plains


You got me there.


13. You grew up hearing stories about a creepy bungalow down the road


A healthy dose of homemade horror about that creepy bungalow down the road or the <insert fancy English name> Estate up the hill.


14. You actually celebrate Christmas


..along with other festivals with equal gusto.


15. And finally, you never get tired of bragging…

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…how pretty your town is.

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ankur-dasBy Ankur Das

Ankur studies in New Delhi but his heart resides in Shillong, his hometown and one of the prettiest places in the country. Views expressed in the post are not entirely coincidental. You can follow him on Facebook.

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