Youngsters In China Are Choosing ‘Temporary Partners’ To Avoid Complicated Relationships

I would be lying if I say that the dating scene today is easy. People are communicating more online. People are ghosting. People are constantly comparing. People have unrealistic expectations. People have busy lives. People are afraid to commit. I can go on and on but I think you get the drift.

So in order to prevent relationships from getting too complicated, young people in China are apparently looking for ‘temporary partners’. According to NDTV, this is to prevent being lonely and yet maintain a distance.

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So, what people are doing is that they are choosing other people with similar interests like food, gaming, films, travel, farming, etc. They don’t even need to come face-to-face with one another as they can just talk over social media platforms.

“I am truly very lonely, but I don’t like initiating social interactions. I hope to have a stranger who won’t delve into my life but can keep me from watching movies or eating hotpot all alone,” said one follower of the trend.

This form of communication is known as da zi in Chinese which basically is the idea that “everything can be matched”, reported South China Morning Post. This also has little to do with gender.

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This way, one doesn’t need to have a traditional relationship and yet, they have companionship while also enjoying their own independence.

Do you like this idea of having ‘temporary partners’?

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