Woman Shares How Her Brother Fell In Love At First Sight & Married The Girl 4 Yrs Later

Has it ever happened to you that you meet a person for the first time, spend a few hours with them and just know in your heart that they are the one for you? While love at first sight may seem like something that happens only in books and movies, a few blessed ones end up finding love at first glance.

Here is a wonderful example. A woman shared how four years ago, her brother came back home from a date and told her that he was in love and would marry the girl one day. She shared a screenshot of the conversation too. Have a look:

And he kept his word. The two eventually did get married!

Have a look at the woman’s post here:

Here’s a picture of the two from their wedding day:

While on one side, innumerable people showered love on the couple, on the other side, there was a large chunk who concluded that men know early on in a relationship whether it’s a permanent deal and that if they do not commit to a woman, that means they aren’t thinking long-term.

What a cute love story!

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