Woman Complains Her Rich Ex Won’t Fund Her Lavish Lifestyle After Breakup, People React

When in love, things can seem quite rosy, yet breakups are often known to be bitter. Well, some women managed to find the silver lining after a bad breakup. However, one woman who is a mother of daughters has a lot of harsh words for her ‘affluent ex-boyfriend’. Penning a post on social media, she said,

“So he upgrades my life. I didn’t ask him to, he was in love. Moved me to a nice neighborhood, furnished my house lavishly, bought me an Audi Q5, I started wearing 30k weaves and he sponsored holidays for me and the girls. Granted he’s rich but I didn’t ask for these things. He did them all on his own,” she wrote.

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Mirror UK reports that after 3 years of togetherness, the duo decided to breakup. “But after the year ended and it was time to renew the car insurance, he didn’t respond to my messages. He used to pay my rent in quarterly payments, but when the rent was due he ignored my calls. In short, I was on my own. The issue is… I never asked to be in this situation,” she explains.

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“My social circle changed, life changed, my social standing changed and everyone around me is telling me to sell the car or household items and move back to where I used to live. This is like abuse. Why should I have to suffer because a rich man loved me? I have a business, I sell shoes and bags… but I don’t make enough to pay my bills,” she lamented.

Take a look at a screenshot of her post shared on Reddit-

Imagine this scenario from trashy

The woman wanted to know if she could take legal action against her ex and asked people for advice. Well, people online swiftly delivered. Many called her spoiled, while others schooled her with sarcasm-

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