Wife Comes Out As Queer After 9 Years Of Marriage, Husband Handles It The Most Dignified Way

We live in a world which largely promotes heteronormativity. There is a vast number of people who are forced to repress their true sexualities in order to conform to societal norms, family expectations and the desire to fit in. As a result, many abide by these heteronormative expectations and marry someone of the opposite gender and live a heterosexual life despite their true sexual orientation.

These people may genuinely love their spouses and feel that their queerness may vanish with time. But as we all know, that is not how it works. As individuals grow and become more self-aware, they may come to terms with their sexuality. Some might even be brave enough to come out to their spouses – which again lines up a series of difficulties. They may meet with homophobia, shaming, ridicule and strained family relations. It is a very difficult decision to make.

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One such case is with a man named Andrew Pantazi whose wife of 9 years came out as queer and claimed that she is not attracted to men. They have two children together.

Andrew took to social media to post pictures of them and very gracefully announced that they were getting a divorce and had decided to remain friends and co-parent their kids.

He further added that their marital struggles so far have started to make sense to him and they will support each other’s journeys.

Several people lauded him for handling the matter with such sensitivity and setting a much-needed example for society. Here’s how some of them reacted:

There were, of course, scores of people who ridiculed both the husband and wife as they could not fathom such a case. But incidents like these are more rampant than we realise. It is important to approach these topics with empathy and understanding. We also need to educate ourselves about repressed sexualities and heteronormative expectations of our society.

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