Desis Share Signs That Made Them Realize That Their Relationship Is Not Going To Work Out

There comes a time in every relationship that is not meant for you where you can feel it in your bones that it’s not going to work out. It’s almost like a switch – you wake up and you just know that it’s best to call quits. You don’t want to try to work things out anymore, call them or communicate with them in any way and it almost feels like their absence in your life won’t make much of a difference.


A woman named Prakriti took to social media to ask people when they sensed that their relationship was not going to work out. She asked for signs, and boy did people deliver!

There were some who highlighted that calling or texting them feels like a duty you no longer want to do. Others said that if the romance fizzles out and there’s no underlying friendship, then the relationship isn’t really it. Some people pointed out other dealbreakers like lying and cheating. A few just said that the vibe didn’t match anymore.

Have a look at some of the answers here:

What do you think are the signs of a relationship not working out? Share with us!

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