‘Saving Dabbas, Expert Taane’ CEO Shares Resume For His Mom With Hilarious Skills & Experience

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if our mothers could have a resume listing down their experience of being an Indian mother? Where they would not boast about their corporate accomplishments but things they do around the house to make sure the family is running smoothly – the ultimate job?

The resume would have things like “Chief Negotiator” for “successfully convincing picky eaters to finish veggies”, ‘Expert Time Manager’ for “juggling cooking, cleaning, and bedtime stories without breaking a sweat”, ‘Master Multitasker’ for “handling daal on the stove while diffusing sibling arguments like a pro” and ‘Communication Guru’ for “being fluent in the language of guilt trips and affectionate scolding”.

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Ankit Aggarwal, the founder and CEO of Unstop, took to LinkedIn to share a resume of his “Pyaari Maa” that included her contact details and work experience written in the most hilarious yet accurate way.

For example, under ‘Contacts’, Ankit mentioned the most used dialogues by mothers.

“Mushkil mein maa ko phone nahi karoge, toh kisko karoge?” is written beside the phone icon and beside the email icon reads “Mera@PasswordKyaTha”. Her location, on the other hand, is “Bacchon ke dil mein”.

Her experience includes saying things like “Ab toh shaadi karle”, “Kya matlab office se chutti nahi mili?”, “Iss umar mein maa bachche ki dost hoti hai” and “Bachche ki dil ki baat jaan na”.

Her skills include looking for lost things at the last minute, understanding personal space (in which she is a little weak), saving Tupperwear dabbas and overthinking. Meanwhile, the languages she can speak include baby talk, soul food and expert taane.

Have a look at the full resume here:

Posting a picture of the resume, Ankit wrote:

“Here’s my mother’s resume. Whether I was 10 or running my company today, there‚Äôs one person who has constant advice for me: my mother. And even today, ‘Khaana khaliya’ is the one thing I am asked every day. The very first mentor in all our lives. She’s done everything from teaching us how to walk to staying up late with us during exam season. Imagine every mom, aka our first mentor, could have a resume. This is what it would look like.”

Have a look at his full post here:

I think in their bios, Indian moms should write, “Hire me, and your home will run smoother than a Bollywood dance sequence!” ūüėõ

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