People Slam VVIP Culture At Mumbai’s Lalbaugcha Raja, Video Shows How Celebs Are Treated

Lalbaugcha Raja is the most famous and revered Ganesh idol in Mumbai. Every year during Ganesh Chaturthi, thousands of people irrespective of cast and creed arrive just to get a glimpse of the massive idol. The idol holds a very special place for people in Mumbai and also Ganesh devotees across the world.


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However, the VVIP culture that is prevalent at Lalbaugcha Raja, as in multiple other important places of worship, is something that is very disappointing to see. Common people stand in queues for hours on end and get only a split second for darshan. Whereas, celebrities get to enter via the VVIP section and are allowed their own sweet time to offer prayers and goods and click pictures.

Here’s a video that captures the VVIP culture very well. Bollywood celebrity Shilpa Shetty went to Lalbaugcha Raja to offer prayers. We see how there is a separate section with immense security for VVIPs. She offers her prayers and clicks pictures while common people, just on the other side, are seen being rushed by the security. They don’t even get much time to look at the idol and offer their prayers.

The video was shared by a journalist named Abhishek who slammed this culture and wrote, “VVIP culture in temples should be called out in every way. YouTube channel of Lalbaugcha Raja of Mumbai is full of such videos. You can see how VVIPs are treated and how common devotees are treated in the same video. Aren’t all equal before god? Privilege hai ki jaati nahi.”

Have a look:

People online too shared their discontent regarding this culture. Here’s what some of them wrote:

Everyone is the same in the eyes of god, we believe. Then why this distinction?

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