After Hrithik, Virat Kohli Accepts Fitness Challenge, Nominates Wife Anushka, PM Modi And Dhoni

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The fitness wave is taking over India. Everyday Instagram shows me countless celebs or social media influencers working out to stay fit and healthy. In fact, this wave is what gave rise to the athleisure look everyone is seen sporting these days. People have started to realise the hazards of working at a desk all day or slumping on their couches all weekend.

To further promote this fitness drive, Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore has started a new fitness challenge. Rathore filmed himself effortlessly performing pushups in his office and further nominated 3 celebrities.

The first to accept the challenge was Bollywood’s Greek God, Hrithik Roshan.

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He responded to Rathore’s challenge by posting a video of his daily commute, a ride on his cycle.

And looks like Rathore’s initiative has caught on like wildfire. His second nominee, Virat Kohli has accepted his challenge with equal enthusiasm.

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Love these frames! 🤓🤓

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Kohli tweeted a video of him doing his favourite core workout, from the gym. Take one look at it, and you’ll feel your abs burning!

See what I mean? But, it doesn’t just end with this video.

He further nominated his wife Anushka Sharma, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his former captain M.S. Dhoni to take up the challenge.

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And he’s already found himself his first contender!

Prime Minister Modi, responded to Kohli’s challenge with this tweet:

Woahhh… looks like it’s time to get fit India.

So what do you think? Ready to join Rathore, Hrithik, Kohli and our PM in this challenge? Go on, put down that slice of pizza and do a quick workout. As far as challenges go, this one’s an oldie but goodie. Considering how we’ve been seeing a trend of mind-numbingly stupid online challenges (I’m looking at you tide pods), this fitness challenge is a welcome change.

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