Girl Explains To Vicky Kaushal Why Her Mother Thinks He’s Her Boyfriend, Vicky Responds

As a desi kid, breaking the news of your blossoming love life to parents can be a formidable thought. Yet, pranking them about it can have entertaining results. Remember when a girl let her mom believe that she was dating Keanu Reeves?

Well, in a similar incident, a girl named Anjali divulged that she’s let her mom believe she’s dating Vicky Kaushal.


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HT reports that it all began when Kapil Sharma recently probed Vicky about how Taapsee Pannu believed he was ‘marriage material’. “Aap jeb mein sindoor leke ghoomte ho?” Vicky was asked.

Soon after, the audience weighed in on what they believed was ‘marriage material’. That was when a girl named Anjali revealed that her mom thinks she is dating Vicky Kaushal. She shared that she was checking out Vicky’s pictures on her phone, when her mother who happened to be sitting behind her, glanced into her phone. 

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On seeing the photos, Anjali’s mother asked her about the guy, (as she had no idea Kaushal was an actor). Anjali then promptly responded, “Ladka B eTech kiya hua hai, ab acting kar raha hai.” She added that her mother assumes they’re dating and she’s asked her not to look for a husband for her. 

On listening to the incident, Vicky chuckled and said, “Kal ko aapki shaadi kahin aur ho jayegi, aapki mummy sochti rahegi maine dhokha de diya (If you get married to someone else tomorrow, your mother will think I betrayed you).”

Would you ever prank your parents by letting them think you’re dating a celebrity? Tell us.

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