Girl Pranks Mom Saying She’s Dating Keanu Reeves, But Her Ammi’s Reaction Is Absolutely Precious!

Dating is a tough maze to navigate. There are many hurdles to overcome and dead ends (read red flags) along the way. And just when you think you’ve successfully steered yourself into the right direction, comes the biggest challenge ever – introducing the boyfriend or girlfriend to the mothership. You prepare yourself for the barrage of questions that are about to come your way and hope that your mom accepts the relationship.

32-year-old Zahra Haider lucked out in that department. How, you ask? Well, her mother didn’t know who Keanu Reeves was so she decided to prank her and say that he was her new boyfriend.

Here is how it all began.

And now, for the moment of truth.

Getting such a heartfelt message full of love and acceptance is the best, right? It teared Zahra up and she decided to come clean and tell her mom everything. Her tweets have since gone viral and earned over 6,000 likes.

This is what her mom had to say about the incident going viral. Keep your tissues handy before reading!

Zahra’s mom being super sweet about the whole situation had netizens calling her an angel and we agree. She’s the ‘Best Mom Ever’.

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Wouldn’t it be fun to try this with your mom? If you could, which celebrity would you choose to prank her with? Tell us.

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