People Recall The Things They Were Taught In School But Never Actually Use In Real Life

School. It may seem like something we went to decades ago but there are parts of it that have stayed with us all along. Like the friends we made there, our favourite teachers, first crushes (and first heartbreaks), learning to share and work in a team, annual days, class plays and more.

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Having said that, there were also a lot of things we were taught in class that we didn’t find any practical use for out in the real world. Like using a protractor and compass to draw diagrams in geometry or memorising the names of rulers in the Chola, Chera and Pandya dynasties.

So, when a Reddit thread┬áprompted people to list out other such useless learnings with the question, “What did you learn in school that you never used in real life?,” everyone was more than happy to pitch in. Check it out.

  1. Biology

2. We regularly use elementary mathematics but…

3. Yess

4. Now we just type everything.

5. Who uses sin, cos, tan?

6. Equations

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7. Sigh

8. Whyyy?

9. Exactly

10. The life of Sher Shah Suri, who conquered what and who killed whom

11. Geometry

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12. So many dates!

Instead of these very specific concepts, we wish we were taught some real-life skills that would help us navigate adulthood better. For instance, how to file our own tax returns, how to deal with mental health issues (anxiety, stress, depression), work-life balance and overcoming failure.

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