US Robber With A Weapon Tries To Steal From Sikh Man’s Store, Gets His Butt Whopped

In most South Asian cultures, including India, we have this tendency to take matters into our own hands and solve our own problems before approaching the police. Because sometimes, by the time the police arrive, a crime has already been committed. In cases of robbery, harassment or assault, locals usually come together to fight the perpetrator to prevent a crime from happening.

That is exactly what happened at a convenience store run by a Sikh man in the US. A masked man tried to rob the store. He had a weapon shoved in his back pocket and threatened to use it if someone tried to stop the robbery.

In a video that’s gone viral, we see how the robber throws products from the shelves into a large garbage bin and while the Sikh man tries to stop him and talk some sense into him, the robber doesn’t budge. The man behind the counter filming the video asks the store owner to let him go and later file for insurance, probably because he was scared they might get attacked.

However, the moment the robber tried to exit the store, one man grabbed him by his hands and the Sikh man came from behind with a long stick and started beating him to the ground.

Here’s a look at the video:

Several people online lauded the man for taking matters into his own hands and giving back the robber what he deserved. Here’s a look at some of the responses to the video:

Sikhs are some of the most helpful people in the world. But they do know how to protect what’s theirs.

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