UPSC Mains 2021 Paper Asks Aspirants ‘Bhaari’ Philosophical Questions, Sparks Memefest!

The first paper for the UPSC 2021 Mains examinations was held on the 7th of January and it has stirred a lot of buzz online. When a couple of IAS and IPS officers took to Twitter to share pictures of the question paper, people were in for a toss.

You see, UPSC aspirants were surprised (read: shocked) as the topics for the essays were a little…hatke. They had “philosophical” (as people online called it) options including:

Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.
The real is rational and the rational is real.
There are better practices to “best practices”.

Have a look at the question paper here:

IAS officer Jitin Yadav shared the picture on Twitter and asked people online which two topics would they choose.

While there were many who took interest in the question and spoke about which topics would they choose, several others cracked jokes and shared memes because…come on!

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Break up hua tha kya?

I swear!

I honestly feel for the examinees!

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