Buyer Orders 50-Inch TV Online Only To Find Out It’s 44 Inches After Measuring It

I always scroll down to the bottom of the screen to read customer reviews and see images of the product posted by them while making any online purchase.

Often times they are really helpful in deciding if you should be spending your hard-earned money on the item or not. But sometimes, the reviewer’s lack of knowledge about the product can end up confusing you, just like in this case.

So, someone purchased a 50-inch television online. When the item came in, the buyer decided to measure the TV and found out that it was only 44 inches and claimed that they were scammed.

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To call out the company, the person wrote a negative review online titled ‘false advertisement’ and gave the product only one star.

“Purchased the Samsung 8 series TU8000 50″. After unpacking I found that the 50″ purchased was actually 44″. How’s that! The box is only 49″ there is no way with the foam protection the TV could be 50”. See pictures and video. This is a scam. I need my money or a 50″ Samsung TV,” the person quipped.

It was Twitter user Sven Henrich who came across this review online and decided to share it with the world.

For most of us, it would come across as a legit scam. But before you draw any conclusion, let me tell you that measuring a TV might seem very simple but actually, it’s trickier than it looks.

For the unversed, TV sets are measured diagonally, from corner to corner, and not from side to side if you want to know how many inches the TV screen is. Now you know where this person went wrong.

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Without knowing this concept, the person gave it a negative review, and to top it off, 642 people also found it useful.

While some mocked the buyer’s lack of knowledge, others were generous enough to enlighten the world. This is how they reacted:

If you just got to know how TV screens are measured then you’re not alone.

Here’s how you could do it correctly.

It’s humanly impossible to learn about everything. Good that this incident came to light, at least we learned a thing or two here. Also, companies can put up a sign or a graphic on the box to demonstrate to customers how to measure it the right way.

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