This ‘Banana Slicer’ Selling Online Has The Most Unhelpful Yet The Best Reviews Ever

There are several bizarre and completely unnecessary things that humans have invented in their lifetime. One of them is this banana slicer because humans were too lazy to eat a whole banana or slice it with a knife.

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It’s a fairly simple thing to use. You just have to peel a banana and place it under the slicer in the correct direction (which is also self-explanatory) and push the slicer downwards to help it cut through the fruit. Sounds easy?

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When you go to its Amazon description, you will find that it states that the slicer is made out of plastic. This clearly establishes the fact that the slicer should be only used to slice a banana. Not an apple. Not an orange.

Why am I mentioning this obvious fact? You’ll see.

Now the best thing about this isn’t the product itself. The best thing lies under the ‘Customer question & answers’ section in the online shopping site. There’s somebody who claimed that the bananas have stopped talking to them.

Wait, there’s more.

We thought this couldn’t get better. But we were wrong. If you take the time out and visit the ‘Reviews’ section, you will be pleasantly surprised by how creative people can be.

Here’s a couple that realized that bananas can be “wrong-way” and went to the store to look for right-way (?) bananas.

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Who said that this product can only be used to slice bananas? It can be used as a Christmas tree ornament just as well.

Now you know why I told you…

I need somebody to hype me up the way this customer hypes the banana slicer.

How dare we not consider the emotional damage that will be caused to bananas across the world?

I think I’ve had enough internet for today!

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