Man Finds ‘Jerry’ In Hotel Room; Asks Housekeeping To Send ‘Tom’ For Help


Exploring a foreign country has become fun and budget-friendly thanks to modern technology. From booking cheap flight tickets to staying at inexpensive hotels, planning a trip abroad is super easy. However, once you reach your exotic destination, communication can be difficult if you’re not able to speak in English. After all, it is one of the most commonly spoken languages around the globe.

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Language can be a barrier unless you speak cartoon lingo. You heard us right! Recently, a man called the reception of the hotel he was staying at to inform about a ‘Jerry’ in his room, reports News18. In a video shared on Twitter, a man calls the housekeeping and tells them, “English is not very good”. He goes on to ask the receptionist if he has seen ‘Tom and Jerry’. When the staff replies affirmatively, the hotel guest says, “Send someone, there’s a Jerry in my room.”

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Have a look at the video shared online:

The guest also asked the reception to bring ‘Tom’ to catch ‘Jerry’. The confused receptionist realized the man was referring to a mouse in his room by calling it Jerry. Although the hotel didn’t have ‘Tom’, they sent housekeeping to his room to catch the rodent.

People hilariously responded to this relatable comparison:

Well, who knew a cartoon is the universally accepted language! Did you enjoy ‘Tom and Jerry’ as a kid? Or do you still watch it like us? Let us know in the comments below.

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