Techie Working For Google Shares Why He Didn’t Leave India Despite Having The Chance

It is the dream of countless Indians, especially young students, to study or work in a foreign country. The kind of lifestyle that people in the West have, the kind of money that they get to earn and the freedom that they seem to enjoy entices several Indians. However, there have been plenty who came back to their motherland after spending a few years abroad. While some preferred living close to their families, others realised that resources are much more affordable here.

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A guy named Aanshul Sadaria took to X (formerly Twitter) to share why he never really felt the need to go to the US and settle there. Aanshul, who is a software engineer at Google, said that he had the opportunity to go to the US but he wanted to stay close to his family after losing his father back in 2021.

Another argument that he placed was that living in India comes at a lower cost. Like house rent, it is much less in India as compared to the US.

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It is also easier to find househelps in India and when a baby is born, the entire family is here to help out.

Reading his post, many people who were living in a foreign country but eventually came back to India shared their experiences. They could relate well to what Aanshul wrote. Here’s what some of them shared:

Would you want to settle abroad or do you love living in India?

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