Akshay Thanks Bollywood For Supporting Rustom While Hula Hooping And He’s Hilariously Good

Akshay Kumar and comedy go hand in hand. When it comes to comic timing, there are few people in the industry who can compete with him. Akshay Kumar is an out and out entertainer and whatever he does he always tries to entertain his fans.

So when Bollywood’s Khiladi decided to thank each and everybody who supported Rustom, starting his fans, his co-stars, and his directors. He did it in his own maverick way. He made sure that even his thank you is entertaining and hilarious.

In the hilarious video, you will find him standing on a bed and singing thank you to everyone and same time balancing a hula hop. Now, that’s something you would expect only from our Khiladi. It is actually amusing to how makes fun of every superstar without being offensive.

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