Reason Why SRK Didn’t Win National Award For ‘Swades’ But Saif Did For ‘Hum Tum’ In 2005

The winners of the 69th National Film Awards were announced recently and to everyone’s surprise, Allu Arjun won the award under the ‘Best Actor’ category for ‘Pushpa: The Rise’. This came as a shock to many people, not because Allu Arjun was lacking in any sense, but because they claimed Vicky Kaushal was far more deserving of the award for his performance in ‘Sardar Udham’.

‘Sardar Udham’ did eventually bag as many as 5 National Awards but for the ‘Best Actor’ category, Vicky Kaushal didn’t even get nominated, let alone being presented with the award.

While many fans criticised the National Awards for “snubbing” Vicky, a lot of people were reminded of 2005 and the 52nd National Film Awards where Saif Ali Khan was presented with the ‘Best Actor’ award for ‘Hum Tum’ but Shahrukh Khan got no recognition for his performance in ‘Swades’, or ‘Veer Zaara’ for that matter.

Here’s what fans have been saying online:

Interestingly, there seems to be a solid reason why Shahrukh Khan was not nominated for the National Awards for ‘Swades’, and it is not his fault. In a video that has resurfaced online, Kannada filmmaker T S Nagabharana alleged that ‘Swades’ was a copy of a film that he shot and released in 2003. The film was named ‘Chigurida Kanasu’.

“I was getting feedback from Mumbai that there is some film called Swades, on 17 December 2004, when the film got released, I was shocked to see. Swades (is) almost a replica of my film which I shot in 2002 and released in 2003. When I asked my producer, he said, don’t go for legal action because it is also a film and let everybody enjoy that. That’s the generosity of South Indian filmmakers, so I just kept quiet,” Nagabharana says in the video.

T S Nagabharana was also one of the jury members for the National Film Awards that year. He informed his fellow jury members that ‘Swades’ was a copy of his movie.

“I told my fellow jury members that it is a remake of my film, you can compare it with that, and when I showed my film to them, they asked why didn’t you sue him? I replied I don’t want Halla Gulla. I am a filmmaker and that’s how Page 3 got the award,” he explained. 

Here’s a look at the video:

The reason why Swades didn’t get any national award
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