‘I’m The Best, I’m The Queen!’ Son Makes Mom Try Weed In Thailand For Her 45th Birthday

Man’s love for maal is eternal. No matter how much the government tries to ban it or make excuses for people to not consume it, weed always finds its way to its audience. If not, it makes sure the audience comes to it! Here’s a hilarious example.

A guy named Rishab Nanda and his mother were vacationing in Thailand for her 45th birthday. There, they found weed, the consumption of which is legal in the country. So he made her try some and posted a video of the aftermath on Instagram.

“I made my mum try some of the green leaves that are legal in Thailand for her 45th Birthday. This is the sweet result of it haha. I love this woman to death,” he wrote.

In the video, we see Rishab’s mom clearly on cloud 9! While walking through the streets of Thailand, which have shops on both sides, she feels like she is the queen of the world, which has come together with lights and sound to celebrate her birthday.

“I’m the best. Mujhe lagta hai mujhse badhiya koi hai hi nahi duniya mein. Mujhe raise lagta hai main raani hoon. Giraffe khada hai mere liye dekh. Light-ey saare mere liye lagaye hain inhone. Phool biche huye hai dekh phool! Dekh rahe ho mera swagat?” she says in the video.

Have a look:


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People online shared a good laugh and couldn’t get over how cool this woman was! From calling it “qween behavior” to wanting a mother like her, here’s how they reacted:

This is literally called a birthday ‘high’! 😉

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