A Muslim Cleric Terms Sania Mirza ‘Un-Islamic’ Because Her On-Court Attire Is ‘Sexual’. WTF!

Religious fanatics, supposedly, have a lot of time to spare. Not long ago, cricketing star, Mohammed Shami was subjected to a lot of hate and religious extremism online because of ‘letting’ his wife wear a sleeveless gown and now, Sania Mirza, ace tennis player, (who is no stranger to controversies herself) has been dragged to dirt for the way she dresses on court.

Yes, yet again!

Recently, a Muslim cleric, Sajid Rashid, raised objection over the way Sania Mirza dresses for her matches and said she shouldn’t choose her sport over a burqa

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If a sport requires women to drop their burqas, then women should not take part in the sport, they are not even meant to wrestle.”

He said so on a Zee News show ‘Fatah ka Fatwa’ that called a for a discussion on “Is the Burqa a must for all Muslim women?”


The cleric went ahead and condemned the Hyderabadi sports-star, branding her attire as ‘un-Islamic’. He also questioned if it was even legal to dress the way she does.

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“Do you think Sania Mirza’s attire is legal? Is it legal? It is sexual and hence, un-Islamic.”

I’m reading and re-reading it but I still fail to comprehend the radicalism we live in today, in the 21st century! Is this the progressive society we dreamt of?

News Source: Zee News


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