Guy Complains His Samosas Have Serial Numbers Printed On Them, People Respond With Humour

The humble samosa isn’t just a beloved desi snack, but an emotion. Be it the staple aloo wale samose or a special Punjabi samosa with kaju kismish; this is one piping hot snack that you can’t beat. But have you ever seen some weird numbers engraved on your samosa?

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Well, this man did and took pictures to share the oddity with others online. Take a look at the bizarre samose Nitin Misra was served.

People online had lots to say about this ajeeb daastan. Right from pointing out it was normal to recommending he scan the QR code to download the chutney, here’s what desis said.

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The images were also shared on Instagram. Here’s how desis reacted-

What do you think of this new-age wizardry?

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