People Talk About Hobbies That Completely Changed Their Lives

We spend around 8 hours a day at our jobs. And when we have free time we indulge in our hobbies that bring much-needed work-life balance. The pandemic has given us the gift of getting better at our chosen hobbies as well as exploring new ones. And people on Reddit are now sharing the activities that changed their life for the better.

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What hobby completely transformed your life for better or worse? from AskReddit

1. Playing musical instruments

2. Learning martial arts

3. Knitting

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4. Reading, creative writing and maintaining a journal

5. Learning another language

6. Swimming

7. Woodworking

8. Gardening

A few people also pointed out activities that changed their life for the worse. As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can also be bad.

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9. Gaming

10. Social media

I love the calm that comes over when I am learning different styles of painting (polygonal art, Tanjore painting, watercolour etc) and also experimenting with various ingredients in the kitchen. What about you?

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