Rahul Gandhi Reveals Who Runs His Twitter And The Internet Is LIT With Pidi Jokes


After the national concern of Rahul Gandhi’s marriage, if there’s another question on the netizens’ minds then that would be – who handles RG’s Twitter account? There are quite a lot of reasons to raise that question, though. You know!

Putting an end to the mystery, INC’s Vice President, Rahul ji introduced to the world, his dog Pidi (who BTW, according to RG, runs his Twitter).

And, then what? Netizens welcomed Pidi with open arms and some jokes to top it up.

1. BJP jumped on the meme-bandwagon.

2. And, how Pidi is present at crucial meetings.

3. The big reveal.

4. This also inspired comics.

5. Some wanted Pidi to run for Congress presidency.

6. Of course, there had to be a Modi ref.

7. Pidi is smarter than RG?

8. Subtle digs.

9. Indeed!

10. Pidi even has an account now.

Umm, now that escalated quickly, didn’t it?

Looks like, Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter-feed is Pidi-ful.

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