Pune Techie Falls In Love With A UK Woman On FB And She Dupes Him Of ₹11 Lakhs!

A man from India meets a girl from the UK online. They have long conversations, bond with each other. Soon enough, numbers are exchanged and conversations move from the keyboard to the phone. The conversations get lengthier and deeper. They speak about love, share their secrets. They grow unshakably closer together. Soon enough, they fall in love. Such a beautiful love story right? WRONG.

Most recently, a 32-year-old techie from Hadapsar, Pune got duped of ₹11 lakhs by a woman, later identified as Sandra Robinson, who he’d been having conversations with for several months.

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Imagine conversing with someone for so long and in the end, all of it turning out to be a hoax.


Inspector Bagwan, who is handling the case, explains what happened.

In September last year, a woman posed as a foreigner from the UK and got in touch with the techie on social media. 

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The began chatting and a few days later she asked him to share his mobile number.


Soon, they started talking on the phone.

“In December, the woman told the victim that she wanted to travel to India as she likes the country, and asked him to be her guardian once there.”

Of course, he obliged.


Within a few days in the same month, the guy got a call from a Delhi number. The person on the phone introduced himself as a Delhi customs agent. From here, things started to go downhill.

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“The man told the victim that they have detained Sandra at the Delhi airport as she had lost some of her documents. The official also told him that the woman was carrying multiple smartphones, laptops, diamond jewellery and some foreign currency with her. He asked the victim to deposit some amount of money if she was to be released. When the victim spoke to the woman, she started crying. So, he deposited around Rs 35,000 into the bank account given by the man.”


But that wasn’t enough. He got a call once again asking for more money. By the end of it, he had deposited close to ₹11,43,500 into various bank accounts as instructed by the voice on the phone.


However, after the transfers were made, the woman never got back in touch. That’s when he got suspicious.

“On digging deeper, he realised that it was a honey trap. Based on the account numbers given by the victim to us, we found that these bank accounts are from various parts of the country.”

The police are now seeking help from the cyber-crime cell in order to trace the con artists.

I’m sure most of you must be thinking, how did he fall for this. In retrospect, I’m sure even he thinks the same thing. However, if a woman starts a conversation with you, shows interest in what you have to say and continues this for months on end, rationality tends to go out the door. These con artists are trained to follow a certain script to keep their targets almost hypnotised. They’ve done the same con over dozen times and might possibly have hundreds of deceptive tricks up their sleeve.

So just remember, the next time you get a suspiciously nice message from an attractive woman claiming to be from a foreign land, hit the BLOCK button instead of REPLY.

News Source: Pune Mirror

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