No Combing To No Free Advice, Pune Restaurant Has A Funny ‘Don’t Dos’ List For Customers

Almost every other restaurant has a few things they prohibit customers to do – ‘no smoking’ and ‘no leaving without paying’ being two of them. There might be some others who prohibit you to waste food and make out within the premises.

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However, one restaurant in Pune named Irani Cafe has a long list of ‘Don’t dos’ for their customers to follow and it is rather hilarious! While there are some regular ‘don’t dos’ such as ‘no smoking’, ‘no outside foods’, and ‘no bargaining’ in the list, there are some pretty offbeat ones like ‘no brushing teeth’, ‘no combing’, ‘no free advice’ and ‘no flirting with cashier’!

Have a look at the full list here:

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A picture of the list was posted on Twitter by a user who asked the most obvious question, “What happened here?”

And many people online lost their minds! They couldn’t figure out why one couldn’t comb their hair! Others cracked hilarious jokes about the list. Have a look:

The customers at this restaurant must have a hard time following everything on the list. Well, at least the food is tasty, we hope!

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