‘Thoughts Don’t Match’ Piyush Mishra On His Complicated Relationship With Anurag Kashyap

Piyush Mishra worked with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in 4 of his films – Gulaal, That Girl in Yellow Boots and the two Gangs of Wasseypur movies. And so, one would think that their relationship is quite friendly. Kashyap even spoke highly about Mishra at his book launch. However, Piyush Mishra revealed that he has a conflicted relationship with the filmmaker.


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According to Indian Express, Piyush Mishra revealed that their relationship is such that if they start talking, they run out of topics to talk about in 15 minutes because they have conflicting views about everything.

He also revealed something very funny about him – that Kashyap never seeks permission to shoot at particular locations and for that, the police arrive and arrest a few people!

“If nobody has been arrested after 15 days on an Anurag Kashyap shoot, I get withdrawal symptoms. He loves shooting without permission. Every time, the police comes and arrests a few people. My relationship with him is such that we meet after a few years, but we run out of things to talk about after 15 minutes. We have a coffee and cigarette, and our relationship ends.”


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He further added that from politics to ethics – none of their views match. Only their “emotional views” are the same. He compared him to a bone stuck in his throat – one that he can neither swallow nor spit out.

“I run out of things to say, he runs out of things to say, so the conversation ends. Our thoughts don’t match, our political views don’t match, our ethical views don’t match. Our emotional views are the same though. He’s like this bone, stuck in my throat. I can’t swallow it, and I can’t spit it out. That’s our relationship. I can’t sit with him for too long. We don’t have anything to talk about. He’s a cinema buff, and I don’t watch films. What shall I speak to him about?”

This goes on to show that you might not have the same thought process as someone else, but it is always possible to work with them or share an amicable relationship.

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