10 Awesome Advantages Of Being A Pessimist In Life

“Cynic hai saala!”

“Bhai, kyun mood kharaab kar raha hai? Please don’t be a spoilsport!”

“Wow! You must be fun at parties!”

Being a pessimist is not that bad, you know. Yes, the outlook about life and people in it is bleak, but isn’t that very close to reality?  Some of us turn out to be natural pessimists. And there is a reason we turn out to be pessimistic.

Look at the world around us, look at the headlines we read in newspapers, the way people behave with each other nowadays. Pessimism is all but a natural state of mind in such a world.

And you know what, there are many upsides to it too.

1. Nothing shocks the pessimists. NOTHING. Reading about bombings and brutal rape is just a casual news day.

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Pessimists cannot be disgusted. They know that the rest of the world is just gone to the dogs. Optimists might outrage after reading or hearing about such news, but pessimists are like rock boulders.


2. People and situations do not disappoint you. You were ready for it, you visualized it.

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The date did not turn out to be good? Pessimists expected it. The interview did not go OK? The pessimist did not hope to land the job either. A very close friend backstabbed you? Meh.

The pessimist imagines his whole life go downwards. If after this imagination something or someone disappoints, it’s not really a bummer.


3. Pessimists actually live longer

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People who expect less out of life tend to live longer than the people who expect a lot more. Because pessimists think more and plan carefully about their future.

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4. You do get pleasantly surprised and happy when people do good deeds. It makes you appreciate the little moments of happiness in life.

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Because pessimists do not expect a lot, they do get happy during the little things in life. It makes them appreciate life better.


5. Pessimists also have better relationships

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Couples that are too optimistic in a relationship tend to have a bad ending. They tend to destroy what they have by being too hopeful and expecting.

But even though being pessimistic is better for relationships, sarcasm is not. So, beware!

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6. You are level-headed in most scenarios, and not bubbling with excitement like those optimists.

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Over-excitement spoils many tasks. Being too nervous also makes tasks harder. But pessimists are pretty level-headed. They remain calm and composed, even in stressful situations.


7. You remain cautious about the future, guarding yourself against the perceived risks.

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Pessimists are extremely good at taking precautions. Because they expect things to go wrong, they play it safer too. They are the ones planning contingencies, buying insurance and thinking way into the future.


8. Pessimists are less bothered by stress that is basically a killer.

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A scientific study conducted in 2011 actually showed how pessimists dealt with stress better than optimists. Being too optimistic can lead to having lesser motivation when faced with stressful situations.

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9. People cannot take your case, or burn you. You don’t really get affected

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Ever tried making fun of a pessimist? You can’t do it. They have been through worse, or they think we are so much worse that nothing hits them.

One place nonchalance is an advantage!


10. Pessimists know when to give up and not spend a decade with a task they cannot achieve

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One way to waste time and productivity is when you are engaged in a task that you know can’t be finished by you. Wasting time on such tasks is a waste of energy too. Pessimists know when to give up.

That’s why pessimists never have to deal with heartbreaks because a girl friendzoned them.

It’s good to be a pessimist!

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