Businessman Rebuilds 11-Year-Old Boy’s Home After Seeing Him Studying Under Streetlight

Living inside the comforts of our home, we often tend to take for granted our basic necessities like light to read under, clean water to drink, and healthy food to eat. I say that because our “basic necessities” are someone else’s luxury.

A few weeks back, the video of an 11-year-old boy from Peru went viral where he could be seen struggling to study under a dim street lamp at night. The boy, named Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba, was caught on CCTV camera trying to finish, what looks like, his homework.

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Like it is always said – “help will be given to those who deserve it” – the video caught the attention of a 31-year-old businessman from Bahrain named Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak who decided to come to Victor’s aid.

According to sources, he flew down to Peru to meet the boy and decided to transform Victor’s home into a 2-storeyed building! In addition to that, he also set up a business for Victor’s mother to help with the family’s expenses and the boy’s education.

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Yusuf also offered to repair Victor’s school so that all the other kids can study well. The businessman turned philanthropist confessed that he had survived a similar childhood filled with difficulties and hence the boy’s video stirred his emotions.

“I thank the people who want to do this to me (build my house). I thank them very much that they have had that kindness and they have given time to come to my humble home because anyone does not do it “, said Victor’s mother.

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She also said that Victor had a hard time believing that someone would actually fly down to help him!

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“Thank you for the help you are offering, thank you very much because you are helping us to build our school (…) to continue studying”, said Victor.

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We don’t have to have a lot of money to help someone in need. Look around, and you will find many living even without basic necessities. Help them in your own way. You never know, a small gesture can mean a lot!

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